Light Therapy

Our Laser Light Therapy uses life-enriching light that is gently beamed to enter various parts of the body. This sets in motion a chain of chemical reactions within each cell that helps restore normal cell function. This stimulates the body’s own healing, often with rapid results. The chemical reaction in the cell, stimulated by the Quantum Laser Light may help facilitate the following:

  • Reduction of pain
  • Reduction of any swelling or inflammation
  • Healing and repair of tissue
  • Increase in tissue strength
  • Dissolving of any calcification
  • Increase in the rate of wound healing
  • Stimulation of nerve function
  • Increase in cellular oxygenation and body detoxification
  • Rejuvenation of skin and collagen production

The term ‘Light Acupuncture’ is sometimes used, as light beams may be directed to activate energy meridian lines and pressure points in the body, as in the Chinese Medicine system, but of course without needles!

Laser Light Therapy used consistently has the power to transform your energy field. During the treatment no significant heat is produced, either on the skin’s surface or deeper inside the body. For this reason light laser therapy is sometimes referred to as ‘cold laser’.

The low intensity laser produces a beam of light that has a unique wavelength and frequency. These can be varied so that different parts of the body are beamed the optimum frequency for their needs.

Quantum Laser Technology is an extraordinary and painless way to treat any number of pain syndromes, injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological conditions and pathologies. It is particular effective for healing physical injuries.

The Quantum Laser incorporates patent-pending scalar wave technology. This works to clear cellular memory and break the cycles generated by negative imprints of trauma, where information is passed from old cell to new cell. Quantum Light Therapy is highly effective in clearing the energy field of old emotions and trauma going right back to childhood.

These imprints may be physical, such as pain from an old sport’s injury, or tissue scarring, or the result of an emotional or psychological trauma where negative memory has been retained on a cellular level.

Whatever the case, we have found that using laser light therapy consistently, rapidly increases healing and rejuvenates the body.

Our first objective, irrespective of the condition, is to get the patient to unwind. The protocols we offer are ‘quantum’ in nature and design, and centre around the physical body and its subtle anatomy, and the ‘unified field’ (the complete energy matrix which every sentient being carries as an electro-chemical field of light).

For example if someone comes in with a pain in their knee, our first approach is to unwind and clear cell memory with the Unwind or Quantum program.

These alone will often relieve pain before any specific treatment has commenced. Each program has been carefully developed, researched and tested, and encompasses various combinations of low level light pulses. We recommend a course of at least six, two hour treatments to facilitate preparatory healing, although the positive effects are usually noted after a single session.

Precise settings exist on the Quantum Laser Unit to enable the most effective healing to be facilitated. When working with clients we use up to three Quantum Laser machines and three light probes at any one time for deeper and more specific treatments. These are naturally occurring violet, red and infrared rays. Light therapy treatment is deeply relaxing and generally very pleasurable. Quantum Laser therapy is totally natural, safe and FDA approved for pain relief. Only ‘natural’ low-level light is administered, excluding potentially damaging UV rays.

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