Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery is powerful cleansing tool that can transform your energy field. It is based on the understanding that our energetic bodies are susceptible to negative forces such as lower astral entities, disincarnate beings, spiritattachments, psychic attack and negative alien implants. When we have experienced trauma, stress, co-dependency, addiction,promiscuous sex, abuse, manipulation etc, our energy fields are likely to become polluted with negative entities and elementals.

For people that are naturally sensitive, this kind of exposure can have a devastating effect on health and mental/emotional states.

Simon Hinton is a highly talented psychic surgeon that has the ability to pull out negative beings and energetic hooks from your auric field. He developed his own unique system of psychic surgery where he opens gateways into the energetic body and pulls out hooks, attachments, threads and bad spirits.

When your energy field is cleaned by Simon Hinton’s psychic surgery extraordinary positive effects on your health, vitality and well being are likely to be experienced.

Book a Quantum Healing Now with Psychic Surgery and enjoyed a clean and purified energy field!

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