Reiki is a powerful system of hands on healing that was revived by a Japanese monk Mikao Usui in the late 19th century. After fasting for 21 days on a sacred mountain Usui miraculously discovered how to heal energetically. He used gifts thereafter to help the poor and sick in Japan and became famous for his abilities. He was greatly honoured in his home country as a result. Usui later transmittedhis understanding and power to key selected students who became Reiki Masters and spread the teachings of Reiki. In the late 70s these were introducedto the Westwhen 22 new Reiki Masters were initiated.

Reiki’s popularity has grown tremendously in the last 35 years, and for one simple reason: It works!Reiki is now the most popular and widespread hands on healing system on the planet.

Reiki works by a system of opening and maintaining an energy flow through the crown chakra and the central meridian, heart and other key energy centres in the body. The colour of the Reiki ray is violet which can often be seen psychically around the practitioner. This is known as the Violet Flame.

Reiki is the ideal way to clear and balance your chakras and maintain your optimum energy levels in any situation.

Simon Hinton has been a Reiki Master Trainer for over 15 years. As well as channeling traditional Reiki he also works with a further 1111 rays of healing supported by the Ascended Masters and numerous spirit and Angelic guides to facilitate a transformational change in the energy field and health of his clients.

If you would like to become a Reiki Practitioner, learning from Simon Hinton, one of the most powerful and experienced Reiki MasterTrainers, please visit our courses sectionon Reiki. He has successfully trained thousands of students over the years and initiated over 100 Reiki Masters.

Simon works with other Reiki rays beyond the traditional Usui system and these can be used to help your body naturally recover from many diseased conditions.

Simon transmits ‘Super Reiki’ which forms an essential part of his ‘Quantum Combination’ treatments that needs to be directly experienced to be truly understood!

Book a Quantum Healing Nowand experience the deep healing effects of ‘Super Reiki’ with Simon Hinton.

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