Quantum laser therapy is a phenomenal tool to help the skin rejuvenate. It is highly effective with scar tissue and acne, a fact now recognised by medical authorities, many whom proscribe light therapy for scars and acne.

Our bodies replace old cells with new ones continually and in 7 years every single cell in your body will have been replaced. This beggars the question, why do scars remain when old cells are replaced? The answer is that the new cells take on the old cells’ information. This includes physical information such as scarring, and emotional information such as trauma. With Quantum Light Healing this cycle can be broken. How? By neutralising the polarity or ‘charge’ held in the cells. The results for those that suffer scarring are significant. We recommend a course of 6 treatments to help naturally eliminate unsightly scarring, using violet and red rays pulsed directly onto the area in question.

For acne sufferers, low laser therapy can yield highly beneficial results. Quantum laser therapy can help acne sufferers in a number of ways. Unwinding the client by working on the adrenals, sacrum, thymus and occipital ridge areas is highly effective in helping the body get back on line which improves general healing. Acne may be connected to emotional psychological factors and the Quantum laser treatment can help dissolve the polarity associated with such conditions. Working directly on the face with violet and red rays naturally destroys the bacteria that is major factor in acne,increases wound healing, and stimulates the body’s collagen production. The result is better, clearer skin, fast.

In combination, Rife Frequency Technology is used to help eliminate the pathogens associated with acne. This combination effect generates impressive results after consistent use.

Book aQuantum Healing session to dissolve scarring and clear up acne for good.

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