Chakra Balancing

Our body is an electrochemical energy field. The Chinese developed their energy system ofhealing over 5000 years ago and identified key power centres within us that support the physical functioning of our system. These main centres or chakras are aligned to the spinal column/central meridian. Our chakras canbecome blocked, move out of their natural frequency or be overactive as a result of stress, trauma, unresolved issues, poor diet and electro-magnetic pollution. The result of this can lead to physical, mental and emotional diseases.

Simon Hinton is a master of chakra balancing and has honed a number of powerful techniques to help you get your energy field fully aligned and your chakras back on point. The result of clear open chakras as part of a vertical flow is a huge increase in natural vitality and physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Book a Chakra Balancing and Quantum Healing session today and get your energy flowing vertically and your light body strengthened!

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