Light Therapy and Rife Technologyare very popular and highly effective for beauty and anti-ageing. We work directly on the facial areas to safely stimulate collagen production, and on the thymus gland and adrenals to help de-stress, unwind and boost natural energy.

“My partner is an actress and needs to maintain her appearance for work. Using the laser regularly made an incredibly positive difference to her skin tone and boosted her collagen naturally. It’s a marvellous beauty treatment that makes you look and feel really good.” Simon Hinton

Our beauty and anti-ageing treatment involves a deep Unwind protocol, Collagen Rejuvenation and Cell Stimulation. This is a very popular treatment and works on two main levels:

a) The Endocrine System: the Adrenal Glands and Thymus Gland are photon-stimulated to unwind the recipient and reverse the devastating effects of stress and anxiety on ageing. This will help clear your energy field of stress and negative feelings you may be carrying.

b) The facial area is worked on directly to stimulate natural collagen production. This includes work with natural laser probes to alleviate lines and wrinkles.

Most clients experience an incredible sense of well being after being treated. The visual benefits are usually noticeable after one session.

Quantum Laser Light Therapy and Rife Frequency Technology:

  • Improves tone and clears blemishes.
  • Smoothes the skin’s texture, lessens coarseness and reduces pore size.
  • Minimises the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, ‘crow’s feet’, smile lines, nasolabial folds and worry lines.
  • Regenerates the skin by activating fibroblast cells to increase the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Helps improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and irregular pigmentation.
  • Enhances skin moisture that helps the skin regain its youthful fullness.
  • Increases circulation which helps reduce melanin production, the cause of brown age spots.
  • Promotes nutritional elements existing within the skin.
  • Stimulates and activates metabolic function in skin cells.
  • Reduces skin degradation caused by age and environmental exposure.
  • Reduces the appearance of overall redness and flushing.
  • Destroys pathogens associated with bad skin

Book a Quantum Healing and let us restore your looks naturally and roll back the years of ageing.

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