Rife Frequency

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration”

Dr Nikola Tesla

How Rife Frequency TechnologyWorks

Every pathogen (anything that produces disease)may be destroyed when the correct frequency is applied! Our Rife machine is set up to safely send different frequencies through the body to destroy pathogens, parasites, germs, fungis etc, while leaving healthy cells intact!

The Rife machine we use (named after the groundbreaking frequency work of scientist Royal Raymond Rife) has over 1400 programmes to help eliminate pathogens. ‘Frequency medicine’ is the future of health in the 21st Century. In addition Simon has researched and created many customised programmes based on new information and practitioner feedback on the most effective frequencies. The idea is to kill parasites etc to help heal the body and return it to optimum health.

How is the Rife Machine Experienced?

The client has the choice of receiving a Rife treatment lying on a massage bed or sitting upright in a chair.Special footplates and two copper electrodes are gently attached to the body and two plasma tubes are held by the client. The relevant set of frequencies associated with the issue in question are then passed through the body. The intensity of the frequency can then be adjusted so as to avoid discomfort. Most people will notice a gentle tingling. A series of frequencies is passed activated with each general set to change every 3 minutes, the optimum time considered sufficient to destroy a pathogen.

What happens next?

The Rife Machine Treatments are offered at 2 hours and 3 1/2 hours. After the treatment clients are encouraged to drink lots of pure water to flush out toxins from the body, generated from dead parasites, bacteria etc. Depending on the condition/s Simon normally recommends a minimum of 5 further sessions after the initial session to ensure the process is completely successful. Many pathogens are pleomorphic in nature, which is described as the ability of some bacteria to alter their shape or size in response to environmental conditions, so it’s important to applying varying frequencies consistently to ensure their permanent absence.

Which Rife Machine is Used?

Light Therapy Revolution uses the professional BCX Ultra Rife Machine. After extensive research we believe the advanced technology, flexibility and reputation offered by this machine, that has benefited from 20 years direct research and development, and a number of upgrades, made this the obvious choice.

Unlike most Rife Machines on the market the BCX Ultra utilises cathode ray tubes as well as two choices of electrodes, plus sticky pads for specific areas, it represents the finest example of cutting edge technology combined with the original Royal Rife protocols. The Ultra’s circuit board can generate frequencies from 1 Hz through to 4 MHz. It is so finely tuned that this can be done in increments of 100Hz.

Each frequency ‘ piggybacks ‘ an additional radio frequency to ensure efficacy in permeation.

The BCX Ultra also allows Simon Hinton to create new combinations or strengths of waveforms from the presets. The frequencies are pulsed into the body’s cellular structure rather than in one continuous generation.

Who was Mr Royal Raymond Rife?

Royal Raymond Rife was an America, inventor and scientific genius born in 1888.

Rife’s inventions included an ultraviolet microscope, a microdissector, and a micromanipulator. By 1920, Rife had finished building the world’s first virus microscope. By 1933, he had perfected this technology and constructed a highly sophisticated and complex Universal Microscope, which had nearly 6,000 different parts and was capable of magnifying objects 60,000 times their normal size. With this the world’s most advanced microscope, Rife became the first human being to actually see a live virus. Modern electron microscopes instantly kill everything beneath them, viewing only the mummified remains and debris. What the Rife microscope could witnesswas the bustling activity of living viruses as they changed form and adaptedin responseto their environment, including the transformation of normal cells into tumour cells.

With access to this field of vision, denied to all previous microbiologists, Rife began to test his theory that applying frequencies could destroy pathogens. His success, including the well reported news that he had been able to reverse 16 ‘incurable’ cancer cases using his new frequency technology was greeted with derision from the American Medical Association with their huge vested interest and established world view. The result was, that in a similar way to Nikola Tesla, the tide of official opinion turned against Rife, the previous darling of the scientific community. In subsequent years major efforts were made to discredit the cutting edge work of this genius, including arson attacks against his laboratory and the imprisoning of some of his associates forcing Rife to go abroad to avoid a similar fate. His work continued but he was seriously hampered by these onslaughts and he sadly died in poverty in 1971.

Rife received 14 major awards and honours and was given an honorary Doctorate by the University of Heidelberg for his work. During the 66 years that Rife spent designing and building medical instruments, he worked for Zeiss Optics, the U.S. Government, and several private benefactors. Because Rife was self-educated in so many different fields, he intuitively looked for his answers in areas beyond the rigid scientific structure of his day. He had mastered so many different disciplines that he literally had, at his intellectual disposal, the skills and knowledge of an entire team of scientists and technicians from a number of different scientific fields. So, whenever new technology was needed to perform a new task, Rife simply invented and then built it himself.

Despite the efforts of the Medical Establishment and the Pharmaceutical Industry to destroy and discredit Rife, key elements of his work survived. After his death in the early 70’s his legacy was revived and this encouraged others to build on his work. The idea that pathogens can be destroyed by frequency is hugely powerful concept and one that spawned a proliferation of vibrational healing machines named after the inventor. The nature and cost of these machines varies significantly and the subject is more complex than it might first appear with combination harmonics and different wave types being required in many instances to achieve a required effect.

This is a field that is still in an experimental phase and we are not allowed to make any claims for a cures. We can however refer to the many thousands of testimonials that support the belief that most, if not all pathogens have the potential to being completely destroyed by the effective application of an appropriate set of frequencies.

Rife’s work lives on over 40 years after his death and we are happy to incorporate the most cutting edge vibrations technology in our Quantum Combination Therapy.

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