Clairvoyant Readings

Simon Hinton is a powerful clairvoyant and medium. He works with many guides and spirits, including the Ascended Masters: beings of great light and intelligence that give perfect guidance to you on key problems and issues in your life. Simon works to connect with each person’s Holy Guardian Angel, Higher Self or Genius, to help you make the best informed decisions for your health and happiness. This is further assisted by connecting with your personal and ancestral soul guides. Simon acts as a clear messenger to deliver key information to help you make any necessary changes. Simon is a conduit for an extraordinary healing power to help you transcend any problem or challenge.

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Tarot Readings

Simon Hinton has been a Tarot Reader for over 20 years and written and lectured on this powerful system of divination.

The traditional tarot deck has 78 cards that represent different types of energies. It gained credence in more modern times when utilised by the famous psychologist Carl Jung.

In combination the cards chosen in a reading create a snapshot of the energetic situation reflectiveof the unconscious mind. Simon will accurately read these for you to help you make the best decisions going forward and assist you to becoming the master of your own destiny.

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