Depression is a modern day epidemic. The expectations the world places upon us, and the stress, trauma and environmental conditions we face can enact a terrible toll.

Our state of happiness correlates directly to our physical well being, our nutrition, our mindset, our environment and our biochemical state.

Although sometimes necessary, we believe that Anti-depressant drugs are distributed far too liberally by Western Doctors. These tamper with the symptoms of depression rather than the causes, and many come with bad side effects. These drugs may generate dependency and can create more problems than they solve.

By contrast our approach to depression is energetic. We use Quantum Light Therapy and hands on healing to clear the energetic imbalances and trauma held within the body.

Our aim in the first instance is to ‘clean up’ the recipient, to dissolve emotional patterns and polarised feelings and thoughts. Thereafter we teach empowerment and protection techniques so that the onset of sadness and depression caneasily be dissolved should they re-emerge in any form.

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