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“Prices start at circa $3100 per unit plus tax for the hand held laser unit. I offer to beat any price on these units.”

Traditionally Laser Light treatment was very expensive. The machines built to create cold laser beams would cost up to £100,000 and were only available in certain exclusive clinics. However with recent breakthroughs in technology prices have fallen, the machines have reduced in size, while their capabilities have been significantly enhanced.  As a result many people choose to buy a laser for personal use so they can apply to themselves daily.

If you are interested in purchasing a laser for self-administration or as a healing practitioner, please email

Light Therapy Revolution are the UK’s main distributor and are can discuss your needs and various offers that arise from time to time.  All products are FDA approved for pain relief.  Prices start at $4200 including VAT at 20% for the hand held laser. Light probes are available to purchase separately and work directly off the main unit.

We offer the best prices, for further information or email

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