Light Therapy Revolution Disclaimer

In accordance with EU Regulations, all information provided and services offered & undertaken by Light
Therapy Revolution, Simon Hinton & associated companies are for supportive or entertainment only and not
experimentally proven.

All information provided on this website forms part of personal ongoing research and relies in many cases on
anecdotal evidence and emerges from the author’s personal experiences and opinions. We make no hard
and fast claims whatsoever. Each reader by engaging in this website or with Light Therapy Revolution and
Simon Hinton directly, fully understands such and takes full responsibility in reaching their own conclusions.

All Light Therapy Revolution treatments carried out by Simon Hinton are done purely to inform. In the event
of being in direct participation with Simon Hinton each client accepts full personal responsibility in all
interactions, and will seek no compensation or damages for any experience(s) that may occur. Any individual
that engages in such therapies being performed Light Therapy Revolution and Simon Hinton understands
there are never any guarantees and gives full written consent prior to any treatment, consultation or online

Each treatment received is at the client’s own risk and no claim whatsoever will be made against Simon
Hinton or Light Therapy Revolution for any work that Simon Hinton may perform or for any incurred personal

Each visitor to this site or that utilises any of its services fully understands that Simon Hinton is not a Medical
Doctor and that Light Therapy Revolution has no medical practicing license. All information and services
described are for entertainment and research purposes only.

I accept that, I have no recourse to Light Therapy Revolution or Simon Hinton personally should this work not
facilitate a complete recovery from my particular problem. I accept this event solely seeks to inform and
increase awareness, and any changes this may create in me and for me are purely coincidental. I remain
totally and personally responsible for everything that affects me and will hold no one else liable.

Should I book a series of discounted sessions with Light Therapy Revolution I accept full responsibility for my
decision and accept that refunds are not permitted under any circumstances. This does not affect my
statutory rights.

All those that decide to engage with Light Therapy Revolution and Simon Hinton understand that such
services include relaxation techniques, Reiki and physical touch healing, crystal and tachyon healing, light
therapy, counselling, Rife Frequency Technology, visual imagery, creative visualisation, Neuro Linguistic
Programming and stress reduction processes and techniques for the purposes of self-healing and selfimprovement.
Each of these will be discussed and agreed prior to their administering. For those that decide
to engage in such treatments it should be clearly understood that such is not and should never be
considered a substitute for normal medical care. Should any such conditions exist or prevail, or be
considered as potentially existing or likely Light Therapy Revolution and Simon Hinton insists that such
should be discussed immediately with the doctor or qualified medical practitioner who is taking care of the
client now or in the future.

All services offered by Light Therapy Revolution and Simon Hinton are to those over 18 years of age. Under
18s may be treated providing a legal parent or guardian is present throughout the treatment and the relevant
agreement and documentation is signed and in place.

Each visitor utilising this site or the services of Light Therapy Revolution/Simon Hinton accepts it’s their full
responsibility to consult a legally qualified and registered health practitioner for the treatment of any
conditions they may have or that may arise in the future. This is always our insisted recommendation and
must be accepted in writing before we can provide any services whatsoever.

Light Therapy Revolution
The Charterhouse Clinic
98 Crawford Street
London W1H 2HL


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