Back Pain/injuries

Millions of people in the UK suffer from back pain.

The effects are usually miserable, and often devastating, resulting in loss of mobility, sleep deprivation and reducing the ability to drive, walk, work, lift or enjoy a sex life.

At Light Therapy Revolution we offer a groundbreaking Quantum Healing Combination that is a powerful and natural solution to the curse of back and neck pain.

We use Quantum Laser machines and natural wavelength light probes, originally developed by chiropractors to clear the body permanently of recurrent pain and injury. We do this in combination with hands on healing to permanently release trauma and pain fromthe body

In recent times back pain has been strongly linked to emotional disturbance. It is now more widely recognised that our physiology is a reflection of our inner state, our emotions and thinking.

In many cases back pain may be tracked backed to an accident or injury. An accident will often generate a negative emotional impact, and in itself is often the manifestation of some emotional disturbance. Whatever the chain of events the physical body will hold a memory of the trauma, and the persistence of these memories at the cellular level, whether in bones, ligaments, muscles or flesh maintains the pained state.

This is the cycle that can be broken with Quantum Combination Therapy..
With our scalar wave technology we can clear the cells permanently of pained memories, releasing the client from suffering and allowing the body to realign and recalibrate naturally.

Light Therapy (cold laser) has been shown to be highly effective for all kinds of pain relief and the reduction of inflammation. There are thousands of testimonials and detailed case studies in existence that demonstrate the effectiveness of this treatment. Laser light therapy has been FDA approved as a safe and effective method for pain relief.

Light Therapy as part of our potent Quantum Combinationcan facilitate the miracle of lasting healing from back pain and sports injuries.

Why suffer continued back and neck pain? We can help you dissolve the pain-memory cycle.

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