Tachyon Healing

Quantum physics tells us that the universe is comprised completely of energy. Everything exists along a continuum, a sliding scale, of energy. This means that every object – earthly or astral – exists in its own energetic continuum, our bodies included.

This energy is recognised as many different things in many different cultures. Christianity sees it as the Holy Spirit, in India it’s known as the Divine Mother and New Age philosophers call it Cosmic Energy. In physics, it’s referred to as Zero-Point Energy.

Tachyon energy is the first form of energy that comes out of Zero-Point Energy. It is formless and invisible and therefore studied in the highly specialised branch of science known as theoretical physics. It is only recognised by its effects and impact on the world around it.

Tachyon energy contains everything required for the perfect energetic continuum, which exists in every human and non-human animal. When we become sick or are injured and can’t recover, or suffer from mental or psychological pain it is because something is interfering or blocking the flow of Tachyon Energy in our own energetic continuum.

Everything we need for health and happiness is possible when we have a freely flowing energetic continuum. That means, when things go wrong, when we are influenced by negative human actions that disrupt our energy flows, restoring balance relies upon our ability to utilise tachyon energy and to work towards conducting this energy through all layers of our physical bodies.

This energy aligns and controls our bodies at a cellular level, allowing our hormonal production, our metabolism and vitality to soar. A blockage can occur anywhere in the mind and body and at any level. However, once a blockage has occurred the layers past the blockage are also affected by the disruption to the energy continuum.

Over the years practitioners have attempted to correct and free these blockages using other energies such as Orgone energy. Orgone energy fights against blockages and can heal some people but it can also create damage.

Tachyon energy, on the other hand, works differently. It works with your body rather than against a blockage. Tachyon energy is not one energy working against another, it is all energies in one. When applied, Tachyon energy simply provides the body with the entire range of energy needed for health. Our bodies use it as a model or a guiding hand. It teaches our bodies how to heal themselves.

Tachyon energy can be supplied or delivered to the body in a number of different ways. Items imbued with tachyon energy, such as beads, belts and water can be worn, carried and drunk to introduce tachyon energy into the body. Healers, with experience in delivering energy healing, can further open up the mind and body to receive and interpret tachyon energy. This is especially important when blockages and barriers to tachyon energy are experienced.

There is so much healing potential in tachyon energy, it’s hard to think of a case in which it might not be beneficial. And of course, it’s not a man-made medicine, so every element of energy is one that already exists in the body. This means that you cannot have too much tachyon energy in your body and there are never any negative side effects.

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